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How ERFO Helps the Earthquake Victims

After identifying the children who have lost one or both parents during the earthquake, we locate a close relative to accept their guardianship. In addition, we setup a certificate of deposit in the child's name with a local bank. The guardian family can withdraw every month the interest earned by this deposit to cover the ongoing financial expenses of caring for the child. To cover other expenses, during Norouz, in case of emergencies, and from time to time, the guardian family is provided with extra funds directly from ERFO. Once the child reaches the legal age of 18, the full amount of the certificate of deposit can be withdrawn by the child. At that time, if the child intends to start a business or a family, ERFO will help with financial assistance and guidance.



Left to right: Mr. Ghasemi of Bank Meli, Abgarm branch; Dr. Farivar;
Mr. Jamal Farivar; Mr.Kaboli of Behzisti Org., Ghazvin

Front left to right : Mr. Heydari & Mr. Kaboli of Behzisti Org. in Takestan, Ghazvin

Left to right: Ms. Farivar; Mr. Jamal Farivar




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