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Earthquake Relief Fund for Orphans
Asia Earthquake/Tsunami Orphans

As you know, December 26 earthquake/tsunami in the southeastern Asia killed more than 150,000, and affected hundreds of thousands of children and families specially in Indonesia and Sri Lanka. There are thousands of orphans in need of long term care, in addition to immediate help that are being provided by governmental and NGOs from all around the world.

With your help we were able to provide financial help for more than 650 orphans of the Bam earthquake, which happened the very same hour and day, exactly a year ago on December 26, 2003.

We insist on keeping orphans with their wider families and with the people they know in their local communities.

We encourage you to help the Tsunami orphans by donating to organizations that are committed to orphans long-term care and well being, like UNICEF and Save the Children.

ERFO is happy to receive your donations for the Tsunami orphans. We'll make sure that your money goes to the neediest orphans, as we have done it in the last 15 years for more than 1200 children orphaned by the earthquakes in Bam, Guilan, Zanjan, Qazvin, Ardebil, and Khorasan Provinces in Iran.

Donations made before January 31, 2005 for the Asia Earthquake/Tsunami relief victims are tax deductible in 2004.

You may donate online, or make check payable to ERFO, and indicate on the check or enclosed note that the donation is for the Asia Earthquake/Tsunami orphans.

Mohammad Farivar, MD
Earthquake Relief Fund for Orphans

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